Getting to know our Coordinator and Partners

Republic of Turkey The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, VI. Regional Directory

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs' 6th Regional Directorate is responsible from 3 cities in the Mediterranean region of Turkey: Burdur, Antalya and Isparta. Main service units of the Directorate include General Directorate of Combating Desertification and Erosion, General Directorate of Nature Protection and Natural Parks and General Directorate of Water Management. Our affiliated institutions are General Directorate of Forestry, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate of Meteorology and Turkish Water Institute (SUEN). General Directorate of Nature Protection and Natural Parks is particularly important for RAISE and its functions include designation, organization, protection, development, management and advertisement of national parks, nature parks, nature monuments, nature conservation areas and wetlands. Main activities of the Directorate are:

  • to perform the duties determined by National Parks Law;
  • to protect and enhance wild animals, forest game hunting resources and water resources in forests as well as brook, pond and river, wetlands and vulnerable areas, plan;
  • to manage hunting resources and control any studies such as inventory, planning, projects, implementation and monitoring, and establish facilities for these services.

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Symvouloi Anaptyxiakoy Sxediasmou Ereunas Kai Organosis Epe (PRISMA)

PRISMA Centre for Development Studies is an interdisciplinary  planning and research consultancy with extensive experience in urban and regional planning, local development and related fields, including culture, tourism, social policy, lifelong learning, information society and public management. PRISMA was set up in 1991 and is now one of the leading Greek institutions in its field; it employs an interdisciplinary team coming from diverse academic backgrounds, and is also part of a wide network of research and educational institutions across Europe.

PRISMA has carried out over 40 studies of lifelong learning, human resources and sustainable local development, as well as a large number of local action projects and has produced over 20 publications in related fields. PRISMA has also coordinated a large number of transnational EU-funded projects over the past 15 years. Several of these studies and projects were focused on rural tourism, eco-tourism, the environment and sustainable development.
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Pi Pozitif Danışmanlık

Pi Pozitif is an efficient consulting institution that is preferred by its clients in various sectors since 2009. The sectors in which Pi provides services are education and culture, employment and labour market, tourism, sustainable and regional development. Amongst the most common activities of Pi Consulting, research-development, policy and strategy development, project design and implementation, monitoring and assessment can be considered as the most substantial ones.
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Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (IBIMET-CNR)

IBINET-CNR was founded in 2000 by the merge of four different Institutes working in the field of monitoring, environmental analysis and rural development, as part of the Agri-Food Department of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). IBINET-CNR employs 60 people on permanent contracts and around 50 on temporary contracts, with background in agriculture, forestry, physics and economy, as well as social and political sciences. IBINET-CNR applies a multidisciplinary approach in several research fields, such as rural development and environmental conservation. For the last decade, IBINET-CNR has been focusing on topics related to cultural heritage, conservation, rural development and agriculture both in Europe and in Developing Countries. In the field of rural development, IBINET-CNR has been running research projects on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Employment, as well as Regional and Province administrations, aiming to improve workers’ skills in rural areas, in face of the new perspectives of multi-functional farming. Concerning the collaboration with Natural Parks, IBINET-CNR collaborates with three National Parks in a variety of regional and international projects on conservation and environmental monitoring, sustainable tourism development and carbon footprint of tourism activities. Moreover, IBINET-CNR runs projects and volunteering didactic activities, motivated by the importance of science dissemination to the schools of any grade and type and to the civil society.

In the context of  environmental studies, the main research activities are related to plant-environment interactions and productivity of natural and anthropic systems investigating  the carbon and heat flux exchanges, the physiological mechanisms regulating the response to stress, and also the adaptation to climate change, the interactions between meteorological/climate factors and vegetation (agricultural and natural ecosystems) at different scales. This is applied also to the urban environment with particular focus on microclimate changes and the mitigating role of green areas. Science dissemination and environmental education are also branches of activities of high interest. They concern the application of innovative learning methodologies or held in forms of seminars, and they are addressed mainly to teachers and pupils of secondary schools, aiming to raise their awareness on climate change and the impacts on natural environment.  Moreover, the use of new technologies like the mobile phones for environmental purposes, tested within Involen project, opens new perspectives for didactic purposes. 
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Yuva Derneği

Yuva Association operates in Turkey to bring together the concepts of  adult education, life-long learning, nature and human rights and is running advocacy activities and projects. The activities of the association can be summarised as follows: undertaking training activities for adults and young people through non-formal and formal education methodologies and other activities to support lifelong learning; supporting sharing information and expertise in the field of adult education and development at European and universal levels; supporting the creation and enhancement of regional, national and international institutions for youth and adult education; providing training, and consultancy for global and intercultural learning.
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